Friday, December 5, 2014

Fly Fishing Gifts

Its that Time again. Time to take out all the Christmas decorations and get people some stuff that they may or may not use. If you're like me you want to be able to spread that joy of giving out longer and have them enjoy the gift you got them. I know that I love to fish and I would love to take people out on the rivers with me so I started by getting some simple fishing equipment for them. There are some great inexpensive equipment that if they decide they don't enjoy it as much as swinging a golf club then you won't feel too bad. I have personally bought a scientific Anglers set up that was about $20 and while its not a great reel its good to teach people with. I would recommend moving on to a better set up if they find they really enjoy it.
A few of my fly cases.
I also have found that people that already fly fish may not have all the cases that they need for flies. I know that is how it is with me. I found myself using any container that was no longer in use being recycled into a fly case. the problem being that I always made a mess looking for a fly in them. another great gift is just some fly tying supplies like some hackle or even some foam or foam cutters. If you have some one that already enjoys the sport. Then I found the modern cases and I have loved it. Just a few ideas for this holiday season to help spread the love of fly fishing.
A good case for larger flies and lures. 
While the compartments are good at keeping different flies apart it can be difficult to get the smaller ones out without dropping a few.
This foam square is great to have to keep your most used flies right where you can get them while on the water.
The foam inserts make it easy to organize and find flies.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a great holiday. Thank you to those who have made this country free and protected us from enemies both foreign and domestic. I am thankful for this great nation and the ability to share with people my passion for fly fishing. Enjoy the day and Happy Holidays.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Utah Fishing and Hunting License App

Here is a screen shot of home screen. Its very easy to navigate.
There is a new Utah Fishing license app that you can download on iphones and androids. I will be doing a review of both of them on here. I have down loaded them and initially I'm impressed with the feel and look of the app. it has a really clean design i would just like it better if the back button, on my phone not the one on the app, worked to go back to the previous screen. I liked the fishing information and the license download and purchase options. 
I really enjoyed looking at the different types of fish. Game fish, non game fish, and protected categories.  The game fish has both a picture of a typical fish of the named species and also the state records of the fish. This is a very nice set up i just wish it showed a few more pictures of the fish. 
The display of the name and then a picture of the fish followed by the angling record. 
On the hunting tab it has a bit more to go over. the greatest thing about this is the Walk-in Access finder and the guide books. The tricky part about this is that the app does have licenses but you'll still have to have your tags for large game and special draws. In both the Fishing and Hunting app if you choose the walk-in access it will take you to another site. I would like it better if it was all in app but this is a great improvement to not having an app for either hunting or fishing and being able to have your license on your phone instead of always putting it in a pocket and forgetting which one.
Hunting Tab 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Been away for a while

I've been away for awhile and the fishing here is still great. I'm now on Pintrest posting flies and other fishing ideas. look for me @rasczack. There a lot of really great flies on there and I'm really impressed with the new materials that people are using for the flies. I just recently posted a fly that is being used in France. I am looking forward to making a few and seeing how they do here on the Provo and Weber rivers. Let me know how the fishing is doing out there. Remember if you don't have your line in the water you can't catch a fish.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pheasant feathers

I have just received a whole bunch of pheasant feathers and I can't wait to start experimenting with even more fly patterns made of of this wonderful birds feathers. I think I have about 10 pounds worth of feathers right now from all over the bird. What a great gift from a big pheasant hunter that's a friend of mine.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Fishing

Its that time again. Its cooling down and that means its time to Try to get that Big Trout that you have been looking for. They are getting ready for the winter and Just wanting to eat as much as they can before the food starts to dwindle. The browns and brookies are getting for the spawn so they really aggressive on the feeding right now. Personally I love to fish this time year not just for the chance to catch some really great trout, but also to enjoy the changing colors and the beauty of the canyons and rivers. I would recommend using nymphs, streamers, and mouse patterns. The fish are going be turning on each other as food a bit more as it continues to cool and so anything that looks like a baitfish is going to be great. Have some fun and enjoy the fall fishing.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lunch break fishing

One of my favorite things about living here in Utah is how close the fishing spots are. There are even places you can fish on your lunch break.
A lot of these are the small community fishing ponds or even the rivers going through the valley. I would even recommend for people to fish little cottonwood river in Murray Utah right next to Intermountain Medical Center. Its right next to main roads but it also has a nice park and walkways up and down the banks. For the community ponds I head over to Kidney pond or over to the Sandy fishing pond. Its not far from city hall and south towne mall.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What a great day to be out fishing

The weather has warmed up and it is a great day to be out fishing. Ants are going to be the go to fly right now. For some reason trout love them. I would also recommend having some unweighted foam beetles. Get out and enjoy this great weather and fishing while it lasts.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Favorite Fly-fishing Reel

I have to say that my favorite fly reel is an antique automatic that was my great-grandfathers. What makes it even more unique is that I still have braided nylon fly line that is still good on it and I have more stashed away.
The reason I love to use it is first that it means a lot to me to have it. Secondly, I like to play the fish while holding the line rather than reeling it in like I was bait or spinner fishing. I know that you can't do that if the fish is too big but as I don't do it with salmon or saltwater fishing I think I'm ok. I also really like to use the bamboo rod that he had as well. They are well balanced together and work great for me. I may not be able to cast as far as I would with newer equipment but as I am on smaller streams and rivers with a lot of cover I don't need to.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

For Our Nations Heros

I have started a petition to allow disabled vets to hunt and fish for free. They have sacrificed and paid for it with more than money. Let them enjoy this nation that they worked to defend.